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ReVisionz - Crashing Down ReVisionz - Crashing Down

Rated 3 / 5 stars


You seem to have a pretty good grasp of melody, rhythm and harmony. This is quite well arranged and it seems like you've thought it through, but it still needs some polishing.
The lead sound is alright at first but gets a bit stale after a while. You could either use another lead and alternate parts between them or something, or you could just automate a filter on it or something like that. It might sound good with a tiny amount of reverb too.
I really like what the drums are playing. It's kind of metalish at parts and the end is great. However, the actual drum sounds aren't that great. You could work with them until you make them sound better or you could just get some new ones.
The main problem though is that it kind of needs more content. I don't mean make it longer, just some more things would be nice. You could have a pad coming in towards the end, for example.
Hope that helps :)

Hills With Eyes Hills With Eyes

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Pretty good tune you've got here.
There's a good selection of sounds; I especially like the bass and the lo-fi retro thing fitted in nicely too. I actually quite like the drums, particularly the kick actually. The stuttery bits in the main lead were pretty nice too.
However, it was a bit 'thin' at parts. A pad or something and maybe another leadish sound would have been nice. The main lead sound plays all the way through and plays pretty much the same thing the whole time. A bit of variation could be good and I also find that cutting a part out entirely for a section makes it have more effect when it comes back.
Overall I enjoyed it as it is though :)

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Get your Growler out! Get your Growler out!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

beautifully ugly

meaaaan bass noise. nice crackles. nice drums. appropriate title. liked it (:

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Burn (with vocals) Burn (with vocals)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Vocals were awesome. Really well produced. Music however, is slightly repetitive. Don't get me wrong, it's still great and I enjoyed it, but maybe not if it was much longer. And I would have liked it to have been a bit longer. A Deicide-ish solo would have fit I think. Or something else. Just would have liked some variation.
Otherwise this is awesome. Keep up the good work!

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System Split - F-777 System Split - F-777

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


As always, you set the standard for instrumental electronic tracks on NG.
Really good combinations of sounds. Bit of a nice house vibe going on.
I didn't think the wobbly bass sound really worked though, and this song could benefit from sidechained compression. Make it pump!
Keep up the good work.

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-Biotech- -Biotech-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Definitely one of the better trance songs on here

Don't worry about repetition! This sort of music needs it, as long as the song structure evolves. But you seem to have got that down so I suppose I don't need to tell you that haha.
Not really much to criticise on this. The percussion was slightly flat I think, could have done with a bit of beefing up in the low end and just a bit more character in general. And a bit of sub bass wouldn't hurt.
Overall, pretty much spot on though!

Cynus responds:

Yeah I had some trouble getting that stuff to work out, and I have no idea how evnvelopes work, so it's hard to get the bass pumped :D

(F) _Stasis_ (F) _Stasis_

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I really like this (:
There's a lot going on but at the same time there's not much going on; if that makes any sense. Relaxing, but when I concentrate I can hear subtle changes. That's exactly how ambient music should be!
It seems to clip a few times at the loudest bits, but maybe you intended that. It's not like it sounds bad or anything, just make sure you have a limiter on if you don't want that happening. Other than that it's perfectly mixed and works really well.

Fubaka responds:

I did make this song a tad louder than was intended. However, I can still effectively use it as sleeping music, so there is no real need to edit the song.

Thanks for your review. It is true that a lot of my songs clip, but in this case, I think it came out a bit more favorably...

Play outside in summer Play outside in summer

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is most certainly one of the greatest masterpieces of the 21st century
this will top every chart in the world, even the danish psytrance top 200. and it'll stay there for longer than any man lives.
in 451 years, someone will write a book about this song
in the distant future (approx 11370AD, but they won't write it like that any more - it'll be Year AFH3&^4235-b), this will become the anthem of a planet on the fringes of our galaxy, although the English language as we know it will be completely extinct. they will believe it to be of deep philosophical meaning.
and they would be correct. this song signifies the relationship between something deep inside us and the harsh reality that is indeed, somewhat different to its joyous perception. the levels of meaning in this piece are deep and varied. i wonder what you were thinking when you made it. i suppose you were probably toying with the ideas of post-post-postmodernism and musique concrete, and their application into the world of experimental-fused popular music. indeed, the lyrics reflect your steely determination to try new things whilst forming a powerful piece of work that you knew would move so many people so much. an admirable quality indeed.
toodaloo muthafuckaaaaaa